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We offer a variety of solutions for transporting a tram or train with track width dimensions of 1000 mm, 1440 mm and/or 1670 mm. Solutions specific to train transportation or specifically multifunctional solutions so that as well as trains, for example, you can also transport excavation plant or wind turbine parts. It is often all about having the correct details and Broshuis is familiar with these or is happy to put these details together...

for you. Reference:

- 5-axle SL semi-low loaders for Van der Vlist

- 5-axle SL semi-low loaders for Westdijk Exceptioneel Transport

- 4-axle low loader for De Haan Nijkerk

- 2-axle low loader for De Haan Nijkerk 2028

- 2-axle low loader for P. Lock 2028

- 5-axle semi-low loader for EX-TRA

- 4-axle semi-low loader for EX-TRA

- 3-axle low loader for Pacton Eisenbahn