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Some loads require an extra specialised approach. Think of transporting reach trucks, cranes, ships, mobile homes, or railway vehicles.


Who could better tell you about his experience with a Broshuis trailer than your colleagues in the market? Read and watch their stories here.


Forklift and aerial platform transport

Transporting forklifts, reach trucks and aerial work platforms requires a specialised approach. Read how our trailers help you do just that!

Chalets and mobile home transport

Chalet and mobile home transport is not just about transporting from A to B, but also placing it on the site and completely sparing the customer. See how our trailers help you with this.

Railway vehicle transport

For the transport of wagons of railcars, tramcars and metro cars, you can buy special trailers from us. Read more here

Boat and ship transport

From trailers yacht transport to large ship sections, you have come to the right place for the perfect transport solution. See what we can do for you here.

Crane rental companies

As a crane rental company, you transport ballast, crane and boom parts efficiently within national regulations. We supply customer-specific semis and flatbed trailers to help you do just that. Read more here.