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A wheel well is an opening or sunken area in the cargo bed. Lowering the cargo bed at certain points makes it possible to position the tyres of certain vehicles lower, which easily reduces the transport height. This makes it easy to transport large machines on a semi low loader. Aside from lowering the cargo bed, the wheel well is also an excellent form of load securing.

The advantages and technical details of our wheel wells are given below. Also discover the trailers on which you can use these unique wheel wells. 

In our range of wheel wells, we have optimised two variants with which you can transport virtually all vehicles. You can find all the technical details with an explanation of the wheel wells here.

  • Easy to drive in and out with low angle
  • When extended, an extra wheel well is created in the split
  • Strong and light filler piece
  • grip strips make it easy to drive in and out of the wheel well
  • Safe load fastening with lashing points in the wheel wells