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The crane combinations of De Kreek Transport

De Kreek Transport (Ridderkerk, Netherlands) specialises in (heavy) crane work and related transport. Recently, they took into service a 3-axle flatbed trailer specially tailored to be fitted behind their 3-axle Volvo with 53 tm Palfinger.

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Folding cranes

The loader crane is ideal in many ways. As a haulier, you have flexibility because you can load and unload where and when you want and you are not dependent on a third party.

Construction materials transport

When transporting construction materials, every location and load has its own challenge. Our flat trailers, semis and low loaders help you with this challenge.

Voorbij Funderingstechniek with mounted crane

Dennis Knook has been with Voorbij Funderingstechniek for six years and is just too happy with the 76-ton crane on his Broshuis trailer.
24 October 2019, 15:12

When do you need which platform trailer?

The choice for a certain flat trailer is often made based on the extendability. This has everything to do with the load to be transported. Most of the time, the question that raises is to make a choice in non-extendable up to 3x extendable. But when do you use which flat trailer?