5-axle PL2 pendle
axle semi low loader

Within the legal combination length

Looking for a 5-axle semi?

This semi low loader is very popular thanks to its many advantages. The combination length, high stroke, low dead weight and high payload are unique features of this trailer.

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  • 1x extendable
  • Pendular axles (PL2)
  • 245/70 R17.5 tyres
  • Fixed neck
  • Load capacity app. 70 t


  • Fifth wheel load 25 t
  • Bogie load 60 t
  • Tare weight ca.16.7 t
  • Platform height 870 mm
  • Extension 6,250 mm
  • Total extended lenght 19,330 mm
Specification sheet


6-axle PL2 ballast semi low loader

This 6-axle ballast semi low loader is non-extendable and specially designed for the transport of crane ballast and boom parts. You can work safely thanks to the low loading floor. The PL2 pendle axles guarantee a strong trailer with a high payload.

6-axle PL2 semi low loader

This 6-axle pendle axle semi low loader has a loading capacity of approximately 81.6 tonnes thanks to its low weight. The trailer extends once and can reach a length of 22.5 meters.

8-axle PL2 semi low loader (2+6)

This 8-axle pendle axle semi low-loader is designed as a 2 + 6 version. This version extends to 34 meters. The PL2 pendle axles ensure a strong trailer, with a high payload.

and techniques

PL2 Pendle axles

Our PL2 pendle axles are of high quality. Thanks to the latest computer and production technologies, we have been able to build our pendle axles stronger and lighter.

Paint system

The anti-corrosion protection of a trailer is essential, you cannot simply do it 'again', it has to be done right first time!