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Transporting agricultural machinery is a specialist profession. The often large machines with their varying sizes usually have to be unloaded at agricultural locations. These locations are not always easily accessible. Most machines are built in a specific way so that they can perform the work for which they have been designed. In addition, the transport from A to B is therefore sometimes overlooked. However, we view this as a good opportunity to come up with a fitting transport solution for this issue. We always take the multifunctionality into account when designing your trailer, so that other loads can also be taken along with the many agricultural machines. View how others transport their agricultural machines here.

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What to transport

Agricultural vehicles

The biggest problem with agricultural vehicles is often not the weight, but the shape. Especially the width and height including strange appendages are the problem. This also presents challenges in correct cargo securing.

Agricultural vehicle transport can be classified under four groups:

Tractors, trailers (tipper, pick-up wagons etc.), field vehicles (sprayers, manure injector, etc.), self-propelled vehicles (harvesters, combines, etc.). Smaller agricultural vehicles can easily be transported on a semi-low loader. With a semi-low loader; the transport height can be reduced by wheel wells. To ride on and off the trailer quickly and easily, you could choose a regular ramp or an ECO-ramp.

Larger agricultural vehicles are better off transported on a low-loader. Not necessarily because of the weight, but most importantly because of the height. For this transport especially; we have further developed the existing agricultural low loader. To come up with this new concept, we spoke with as much as possible end-users. This has led to an universal low-loader for the transport of agricultural vehicles.