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Transporting plant for construction or infrastructure, often requires not only a strong semi-trailer for the heavy loads, but also a flexible semi-trailer, due to the huge diversity in loads. Broshuis offers you a wide range of all-rounders, with various payload capacities. You will find a number of examples below:

3-axle semi-low loader

  • A workhorse for all your (split) loads
  • Low weight but still suitable for higher pressure points
  • Stable and robust chassis
  • Single extendible
  • Energy management / all lines protected inside the beam
  • Self-tracking
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3-axle SL-AIR

  • SL-AIR: 12 ton per axle exemption
  • 50% more steering angle, therefore extremely manoeuvrable
  • Also optionally available with auxiliary steering
  • The latest generation, suitable for virtually all types of loads
  • Low bed height
  • Wheel wells, excavator openings and ramps available as options
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3-axle SL low loader

  • For excavators, dumpers and other tall and heavy loads
  • SL suspension: 12 ton per axle exemption
  • Low bogie giving more load height and also ‘loads overhanging in the b
  • Available in a range of loading beds (low and/or light)
  • Fixed hydraulic and/or removable swan-neck
  • Suitable for 3, 4 or 5-axle tractor units
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3+5 low loader dolly combination

  • For heavy work: pile drivers, excavators, etc.
  • Full pendal axle design: greater stroke, off-road
  • Wide, deep excavator opening
  • Stable chassis
  • With Hatz diesel as standard for additional steering power
  • 14 tonne tyres, 16 tonne technical (per axle line)
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3 axle hydraulically operated SL semi low loader

  • Single-, double-, triple-extendible
  • Independent suspension
  • Stable load floor
  • 47 tonnes load capacity
  • Wheel wells, excavator openings and ramps available as options
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